HR Logistics: Your goods in good hands. Absolutely!
HR Logistics is a young company where craftsmanship is the keyword. We have years of experience in international occasional transport and in those years we transported diverse cargos to and from most European countries.

Our trailer meets the strictest European directives (TüV certificate and the so-called "Swedish standard”). Of course, we use standardized lashings and span angles. If necessary, your goods will be transported on rubber mats so that the friction coefficient between the units and the trailer floor is increased and so it’s not unnecessary kept too tight. This reduces the chance of damage to your goods.

We also work with especially for HR Logistics developed software load and span plan software.
If, despite our efforts, still any form of damage occurs to your goods, it will be satisfactorily solved by our transport insurance.

HR Logistics truck meets the latest Euro standard, which implies not only the savings of the environment, but also you, the customer. We will pay less toll on many journeys and the advantage of this is directly reflected in our prices.

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