HR Logistics: From idea to a full dynamic transport business.

In 1992, Rob wanted to become an independent driver. There was an idea born but several circumstances put the brakes on further development. Since then, it always remained present in the background to start a transport company himself.

In the years that followed there were occasional ‘double manned’ routes, in the way that Regina went along with Rob for a ride.

Rob started in early 2014 with the training Scheduler road and some time later Regina had the opportunity for a longer period to join Rob together on the truck. During this collaboration, we came to the conclusion that the quality of the "product transport" is actually quite low and sometimes even negative. Not only from our point of view, but certainly also seen from the ‘customers’ perspective.

In the months that followed the ideas were translated into concrete steps and Rob earned his diplomas. From 2015 everything came together, and, as a result, on the 1st of March 2015, we actually "started" the engine of our DAF Euro6 and thus the start of HR Logistics.

HR Logistics is a young and dynamic company based thinking on long experience in international transportation, combined with market-oriented and to convert it into a high quality of transport.
What can HR Logistics do for your business?

The on high standard provisioning of transport services by:

Double manned transport (driver and passenger)
• The use of our know-how
• Our commercial insights and experience with haulage
• The straightforward principle: an agreement is an agreement, and,
• honouring your trust given to us.    

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