HR Logistics: office on wheels, our truck is our office.

By working 'double manned' we are capable of distributing tasks 'double manned'. Rob controls truck and Regina is the office manager. We have special designated for HR Logistics developed software that seamlessly connects on all “Office” products.
Making tenders, CMR, scanning confirmations, receiving faxes, via email sent additional documents that need to be attached to the consignment and mailing during the ride is no problem for HR Logistics. Our office on wheels offers continuous broadband internet, fax and office facilities.

Again, also here you’ll find our way of projecting our goals:

The on high standard provisioning of transport services by:
• Regular based double manned transport
• Contact the office = contact with the truck enroute
• Printed cargo documents
• High-end Internet / LAN
• Specially developed software fully implementable with Office

HR Logistics T: +31 6 227 76 917 • F: +31 527 769 102 • Email: