HR Logistics: double manned, faster delivery, longer distances.

We love our work, the tracktor, trailer, not the least of satisfied customers! You will also see this back to our enthusiasm and equipment and experience this course as we come charging at your company, or unloading.
But who is HR -Logistics, and what is our background?

Rob Snabel,
Since 1986 international truck driver full of passion and with a clear vision, mechanical engineer, motorvehicle expert, roadtransport planner and fully trained as entrepreneur haulage.

Regina Snabel,
Administrative assistant , founder and owner of Creative Stones and and since 1987 experience in unregulated international carriage of goods.
  Because we drive/ work 'double manned', we are able to deliver faster and over longer distances because the loading and unloading times are shorter.

If necessary Regina will create in our ‘office on wheels’ a cargo loading- and span-plan, whilst Rob starts to load the vehicle at the same time.
Whenever the cargo is in correct place according to the cargo loading plan, the load can be properly secured on basis of the span-plan.
Thus everything will be fast and well loaded and, equally important, well secured.

HR Logistics T: +31 6 227 76 917 • F: +31 527 769 102 • Email: