HR Logistics: Information and contact.

For more information please refer to the options below. You will have direct contact with our office on wheels.
However, double manned and craftsmanship does not mean we are 24/7 on air; we must also fulfil the legal requirements so that we can perform safely our duties for you on the road. No man can use a too heavily tired driver on a truck. If it does happen so, that there is no answer when calling us, please send us an email or a fax to our 'office on wheels'. We then take the first opportunity contact you.

HR Logistics
Jsselmeerlaan 19
8304 DD Emmeloord

T. +31 6 227 76 917
F: +31 527 769 102

CC: 61637823 (KvK Zwolle NL)
VAT nr: NL B01

HR Logistics T: +31 6 227 76 917 • F: +31 527 769 102 • Email: